Wondering How To Increase Sperm Count?

If you’ve ever done any research on US and world population growth in the past decade, the alarming statistics have brought several implications into the light. For instance, it takes 2.5 children per family in order to grow a population, in turn, keeping an economy alive. So, why have populations and fertility rates been declining?

Well, one could surmise that the root cause is that all the toxins, genetically modified food, and processing that we ingest have a heavy sperm reduction effect. So, men who wish to have children are beginning to get nervous about being sterile, and are beginning to ask about how to increase sperm count. There are actually several ways to do so.

First Thing’s First

If you are wondering how to increase sperm count, then you need to understand how your sexual organs produce sperm in the first place.

For instance, where your body creates sperm is within the scrotum. The sperm then travel through various channels, and become nourished by the semen that is produced in the prostate. The sperm can actually live within your body for roughly two weeks.

So, if you needed to increase sperm count, it is important that you do two things:

- Create more sperm cells
- Keep the existing ones alive

This is your key to success if you are looking for more sperm count.

Give Them What They Need (And Not What They Don’t)

The best way to ensure about how to increase sperm count is to make sure that you are treating your body well. Your fertility should be viewed as a mirror of your current overall health. If you understand this fact, then you will treat fertility in a different light.

Your sperm survives (and dies) based on how you treat your body. So, it is important to keep up with your diet.

Now, we aren’t necessarily talking about eliminating fatty foods from your diet, but we are actually implying that you need to get enough daily nutrients into your system. So, make sure you’re taking a multivitamin and getting plenty of vegetables.

Also, your semen is mostly comprised of nourishing proteins that sustain sperm cells, so make sure you are drinking whey protein shakes and other protein boosters to increase your sperm count.

Do remember that unhealthy lifestyle habits like smoking and drugs will have a massively negative impact on your sperm quantity.

The Heat Is On

On a quick note, your sperm must actually survive at temperatures lower than 98.6 degrees. So, wearing underwear that forces the scrotum close to the body or be confined will raise the temperature and damage the numbers and health of your sperm.

In ancient times, men of who wished to remain sterile used to sit on sun-baked rocks in order to avoid having children. Make sure you aren’t accidentally baking your sperm.


One of the best ways to on how to increase sperm count is to give them exactly what they need. Just “being healthier” may increase your ability to create sperm, but you may need extra help. For instance, if you need to lay bricks to build a house, rain always helps make mud for the mortar… but why not just go our and buy mortar?

These herbal supplements that contain sperm increasing properties like zinc is a great way to increase your sperm volume. It really does cut to the chase of what you are looking for. Now, this method is not going to be nearly as effective standing alone, so you do need to make sure that you are being a healthier person if you really want to ejaculate more semen.


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