Vimax Extender Review: Penis Growing Made Easy

The hype for sexual performance enhancers seems to be at its peak, and everyone seems to be trying to increase something in terms of how they have sex. Among some of the most common types of enhancers, you will find sensitivity creams, volume increasers, but one of the most misunderstood of all of these sexual products are extenders for the male penis.

What makes these misunderstood? Sadly, the marketing of these products themselves have muddied the waters.

In many cases, you will actually see Internet marketing on penis growing pills, but in all actuality, they do nothing more than increase circulation, and with it, the hardness of an erection. When an erection is more intense, the penis appears larger, but this is no more than a slick trick.

The true growth that men really want is permanent growth. This cannot be achieved through a pill.

If you were to approach the subject under the pretense that a pill can grow a penis; then that would be like saying that weight loss supplements alone could turn an obese body into a ripped one. This is fiction, pure and simple.

The Solution To the Disinformation

If you are looking for a solution, it may be found in the Vimax Extender concept. It basically goes like this:

In order to grow a bodily tissue, it must be stretched. This is the case with muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

In addition to that, it is also the case with the human penis. The penis can be stretched, growing it permanently, but this must be consistent, a little at a time, and it must be light.

Hard stretching over a short amount of time will only cause injury. It is this concept that was behind the development of the Vimax Extender.

The Vimax Extender is comprised of three main components. The first component is the vice at the top, which grips the head of the penis. The second component is the two spring-loaded rods, which are responsible for the pulling-stretching action.

The third component is the base, which is the foundation for the entire system, and it rests upon the pubic bone. Overall, the Vimax Extender system is rather simple, as the concept only relies on incremental changes in the tissue of the penis.

The Safety Involved

Most Vimax Extender review posts say that there is slight burning and itching involved in the beginning. This is much like what you would experience at the beginning of a workout routine.

In addition to that, itching signifies that healing is taking place, as blood is rushing to the sight. These are really the only side effects that you will experience under the Vimax Extender device.

In essence, the Vimax Extender works through causing micro tears and cell duplication (healing). This is required in order to grow any bodily tissue, and the Vimax Extender does this in the most “hands-free” and convenient way possible.

In addition to the safety of the system, the Vimax Extender also happens to be one of your most inexpensive options on the penis extender market. This is one reason why would almost always recommend this system, as it will give the most bang for your buck.

For the money, the Vimax Extender is the best system available. If you are looking for a more expensive option, you will not receive one that is more effective, but it will most likely be more comfortable.

The key is to find one that accommodates your needs and fits your budget. If the Vimax Extender fits the bill ($99), then that’s the one you should choose.

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