The Key To Natural Penis Enlargement

Are you someone who has always been self-conscious about the size of your penis? If you are, then you are not alone. In fact, if you were to meet ten men, then seven of those will have some wish that their manhood could be larger. So, has there ever been a breakthrough on this subject or is this only a place where wishful thinking and scams exist?

This is a good question, because men will go to great lengths to increase the sizes of their penises, and unfortunately, one too many have dealt with complicated and adverse side effects from penis enlargement surgery. The key will be in finding natural penis enlargement.

Natural penis enlargement is a rather new and developing industry. In fact, only within the past ten years has the market seen such an advance in penis enlargement methods and products to help do it.

Of course, unfortunately, wherever there is true progress, there will always exist the scams. This is why we’ve decided to write, warning you about what not to buy, and giving you a look at what actually works in terms of natural penis enlargement.

Penis Exercises

This is by far the oldest of all the penis enlargement methods. Unfortunately, it is a rather slow, inconvenient, and tedious process, but it works. In fact, it works so well, that it has been in use and was even considered an art form for centuries.

This is called jelquing and penis exercises. However, using these methods will require you to put down whatever you’re doing and pick up your manhood every other day for around thirty minutes.

Basically, the principle is consists of long, light, and regular stretching of the tissues in the penis. When these tissues are stretched, they do the exact same thing that every other muscle in the body does, and grows in length, girth, and strength. It follows the basic concept of stretching before your daily workout. This method is highly effective, but there is something that can help things go even faster.

Male Enhancement Pills

Natural penis enlargement supplements are some of the most commonly marketed on the Internet, and unfortunately, they are the most commonly misunderstood. In fact, they have disappointed many good men because they “just didn’t seem to be working”. Well, the truth is that they aren’t supposed to work… alone.

This penis enlargement method is effective if it is used in tandem with one or more of the other methods mentioned here. The effect of male enhancement pills is that they increase blood flow, control, and nutrients to your penis, which means that your manhood will have the building blocks it needs to grow.

Penile Extenders

Perhaps the most effective of all the natural penis enlargement options is the penis extender. The penis extender is a device that grips your penis by the head and pulls it away from the body using spring-loaded rods. Now, this seems like it could be incredibly uncomfortable, but it is actually not as bad as it sounds.

Many of these penis extenders were developed based on existing medical devices, and they come well equipped with components that make wearing them rather bearable. The reason why this works so much better than just the exercises is because it is easy, hands-free, and consistent. Of course, when used with both exercises and supplements, you will reach your max length rather quickly.


If you are reading advertisements that claim that penis pumps and cock rings will give you permanent enlargement, then you are staring face to face with a scam. In fact, these penis enlargement methods anatomically cannot work. Be sure to do your homework, and you can avoid paying your money on scams.

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