Male Enhancement Surgery: An Option?

When something is broken, how far would you go to fix it? In the case of having a chronically small penis size, many men would give anything to “be a bigger man”, but what would you do to reach that fantasy goal? Some men have gone as far as to have surgery to increase the overall size of their penis.

However, there are some who tend to back away from the idea. Male enhancement surgery certainly has grown in popularity in recent years; the only problem is what we are beginning to learn in the post-procedure light.

The Procedure

If you are looking into getting male enhancement surgery, then it is important to understand exactly what the surgeon is going to do. When other people are handling your male anatomy, you want to know what they are going to do before they do it, especially if they are holding a really sharp knife.

When you get male enhancement surgery, the surgeon will go in and cut the ligaments that hold your penis up to your body. Basically, once the ligaments are cut, they may perform some other little tricks, but that’s about it.

Then, for the next two to three months, you will be hanging weights from the head of your penis. Overall, the procedure takes quite a while, and the gain will be about an inch on average. Is that really worth it?

The Cost

Male enhancement surgery cost often settles in around $5,000 but may sometimes go much higher than that depending on complications and other factors. Some have even noted that it can go all the way up to about $17,000.

Now, there usually is no therapeutic or health reason for having this surgery. Unfortunately, it falls within the category that breast implants currently are: cosmetic. Insurance companies will laugh and then slam the door in your face when you ask them to pay the male enhancement surgery cost.

The Risks

The risks of male enhancement surgery are possibly the worst part. In fact, they make it seem like it isn’t even worth the trouble. Among some of the most common risks are that you may end up have an extremely weird looking penis when all is said and done.

Because the procedure involves unnaturally stretching the skin without the structuring ligaments, male enhancement surgery may cause your penis to look disproportionate to the head, it may point down wards when it is erect, and hair may even grow on the shaft (because that was the skin which was previously up against the pubic bone.)

The worst thing that can happen is complete and total impotence. Why were you getting the surgery in the first place?

Avoid The Hassle

You may want to consider a more effective alternative. For instance, why do you need to have male enhancement surgery if there were a way to have even bigger gains without going under the knife? The alternative to surgical procedure being discussed here is penis extenders.

Penis extenders (or traction devices) have shown interesting promise for several reasons, and one of those reasons is that there is no recovery time. You can actually use the penis extender while you are living a sexually active lifestyle. With male enhancement surgery, that’s not even close to an option.

Also, to date, there has not been one man in the world that has become impotent because of the device. Penis extenders were even developed with correcting an unnaturally shaped penis, which means that you will not have an odd looking penis once you’ve met your growth goals. You may want to read a few penis extender reviews before getting male enhancement surgery.


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