Herbal Male Enhancement: How Far We’ve Come

In the world of penis enhancement, it has only been a few years to see this industry go from a mere concept to the booming industry that it is today. Just over the course of the past decade and a half, we’ve seen herbal male enhancement only be something that pornstars take to increase their stamina, to the fact that you can actually buy them in stores.

The Evolution of Terms

There were late night television commercials that used to run on a regular basis, claiming that one could actually become a larger man just by taking those pills. We’ve come to know that that was only a slick marketing ploy, but the question still remained: is it possible to become larger through male enhancement products?

It wasn’t long before the market simply forgot about that question, and began to concentrate on increasing male stamina.

The Science

With the advent of several prescription medications for male enhancement, it became clear that in order to increase sexual ability, it required a steady amount of blood flow to the penis region of the body.

Actually, the very beginnings of many male enhancement formulas were for heart health and blood pressure. During the clinical trials, men noticed that they were able to perform the way they had in their late teens and twenties.

Then, male enhancement manufacturers began to realize the key: optimize blood flow and you optimize sex. So, herbal male enhancement pills began to use stimulants like Gingko, Ginseng, Horny Goat Weed, and L-Arginine.

All of these herbs and extracts are completely safe, and even make the body healthier overall. But, the reason why they are so effective is for the simple fact that they increase stimulation, allowing for arousal, and they rush the blood where it needs to go in order for stamina and pleasure to increase.

Coming Back To Old Hopes

It wasn’t long before many herbal male enhancement pills were being used in other ways. In fact, an increase in blood flow has a tendency to cause tissues to expand.

With knowledge about jelqing and penis exercises, the manufacturers of sexual enhancement products finally perfected true and permanent male growth. The key is stretching, causing micro tears and cell duplication. Taking herbal male enhancement supplements during this process actually serves to expedite the process in a big way.

While the medical industry still flounders, the herbal industry experts finally uncovered the true goal, and that is safe penile enlargement. Now, a man can take herbal male enhancement pills, while doing certain penis exercises (or wearing a penis stretcher device), and true, permanent, and safe growth can be achieved.

The Products

There are a few products on the market that are a tribute to how far we’ve come in the knowledge of true male enhancement, without risking the dangers of using medical prescription drugs. Before, herbal supplements for male enhancement were a joke, but in this new era, they are the only real way to see any increase in sexual stamina.

One of those products is called VigRX Oil, which can be applied directly onto the skin of the penis. The rapid release causes sensitivity, arousal, and blood flow to rush directly to the penis, making the man ready for sex within minutes.

Another product of note is from the same company. It is called VigRx Plus, and these pills have quickly become the gold standard for safe, herbal male enhancement. These pills do not only assist in satisfying sex, but they increase the overall sexual health of the individual.


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