Do Penile Extending Devices Work?

Men everywhere are wishing that they could have a larger penis. However, the common misconception is the fact that this is either unattainable, or it requires dangerous, expensive, and taboo surgery.

Actually, the wish of having a larger penis may just come true for you, by more than two inches, in less than six months. This is the average length gain, as talked about in most penile extending device reviews. While this seems like fantasy, the anatomical principles to make this work actually stem from its use as a medical device.

Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s Disease is actually a very rare condition, which essentially deforms the penis. While the implications are rather obviously aesthetic ones, this condition also makes intercourse extremely painful. So, physicians developed a device that “stretches” the penis over a long period of time to correct the condition.

It wasn’t long before doctors began to realize that the penis was also being stretched in such a way that it lengthened it dramatically over time. This is how doctors really found out that penile extending devices do actually work.

The word spread, and several companies began producing these devices based on various prices and quality ranges. The two that have risen to the top, giving the best value for quality, dollar for dollar, are Vimax device and ProExtender system.

The “Traction” Principle

Essentially, what makes these devices tick is traction. It utilizes the friction between the head of the penis and the device in order to stretch the penis. Spring-loaded rods are situated on both sides, so the vice can push (or pull) away from the base of the pubic bone.

Most penile extending devices reviews suggest that the product doesn’t hurt at all; however, roughly 15% say that there will be a little soreness, burning, or itching in the beginning. These sensations are kind of like the same ones you feel when you first stretch at the gym after not working out for a few months. This is almost exactly how it works.

Basically, from the device “stretching” the penis slowly over time, it creates “micro tears”, which are exactly what occur before doing your stretches before the workout routine. What the device does is it stretches out the main tissues that regulate the length of your penis, and the surface skin simply follows suit.

Do penile extending devices work with supplements? Yes.

Supplemental Advantage

This is actually the main difference between the Vimax and ProExtender systems. ProExtender is considerably more expensive, but most penile extending devices reviews say that this option is the most preferred.

The reason is because it offers the whole package in the system, complete with a comfortable device that works fast, also throwing in male enhancement supplements. These male enhancement supplements work through increasing blood flow to the penis, which is the fastest way to get an area of the body to heal faster. Faster healing, equals faster growth.

However, most penile extending devices reviews agree that if you don’t have a whole lot of cash to sink into the venture, that’s ok too. The Vimax extender isn’t going to be as comfortable, and it is recommended that you purchase their line of male enhancement supplements, but the value is still a good one. If you aren’t working with a huge budget, then this is a great way to hit the ground running.

Overall, do penile extending devices work? Judging by the sheer number and majority or penile extending devices reviews, that answer would have to be a conclusive, yes. In fact, there aren’t really any products on the market that can match its reported successes only in the last decade.


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